About Rajneet Creations

Hi, I am Rajneet Virdi from Chandigarh, a professional Fabric Artist with over 16 years of experience in making the finest Hand Painted Suits, Dupattas, Shawls, Stoles, Bed Sheets, Cushion Covers etc in India.

Rajneet Creations is more than a passion to me; it is literally about giving Shapes and Colours to my ideas. Designing for me is Exciting, Interesting and Challenging which I cherish; and adding colours to my innovative ideas makes them complete and exquisite.

Ever since 1998, Rajneet Creations has been providing personalised service to the clients from all around the globe, so all design ideas are products of my imagination which I have mastered with my rich experience.

All designs are personalized as per the requirement of a client which makes my work different and exquisite. Every design has a personal touch which is meant for someone special. My designs will always be different from what you get in your regular market or boutiques. More often, designs are specially made in accordance with the feedback of the concerned client. With an experience of over 16 years, I’m in a position to easily say that I can also bring your ideas to life.

Placement of a design, texture and combinations can also be adjusted in accordance with the client’s requirement. The designs can be modified/re-created on the basis of client’s requirement  A Single Design can be re-presented in various ways, which can change the entire look of the suit.

My creations are a blend of classic traditional Punjabi Suits with subdued degree of sophistication to modern and trendy look to match up with the latest trends around at the same time!!! So you can choose your style!


  • Trendy and Ethnic Designs
  • Exclusive Hand-Painting
  • Non-Fading Colors
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy on Your Pocket


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