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Embroidered Suits Gallery 2

I am proud to present my Gallery no. 2 of Embroidered Suits. If you are looking for unique customised designed embroidered suits and dupatta, then you are at the right place. Rajneet Creations is ready … Click to see this gallery→

Brown Embroidered Suit

Embroidered Suits Gallery 1

This is my first gallery of Embroidered Suits collection. I have been exporting Embroidered Suits to 6 countries including USA, Canada, England, Australia, Kuwait, Dubai and Thailand and would love to export to many more … Click to see this gallery→

Creation of Hand Painted Suits, Stoles and Dupattas

The Making of a Hand Painted Kurti

Rajneet Creations is a house of finest Hand Painted Suits, Dupattas, Stoles, Shawls and Kurtis. Rajneet Creations, is my passion and your appreciation towards my work is my strength. In addition to my unique and orginal designs, I … Click to see this gallery→

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Hand Painted Stoles Gallery 2

Hand Painted Stoles is a trend of winters. At Rajneet Creations you will have an endless collections of unique and exquisite designs of your liking. My designs are somewhat different from the one you are … Click to see this gallery→

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Hand Painted Suits and Kurtis Gallery 8

For my ever demanding clients, here is a gallery of yet another collection of my Hand Painted Suits and Kurtis. Please place your orders at the bottom of the page or give me a call … Click to see this gallery→